Ideas for a Walking Tour of Venice

If you are visiting Italy, then Venice is one city you must go to. Venice is old yet glamorous and if you love ancient history then this is the place for you. Venice is in fact huge in terms of tourist attraction sites hence the need to know the main ones.

Piazza San Marco

This is actually the biggest Piazza in Venice and is considered as the major meeting point. From St. Mark’s Square you can admire the glory of the sea of Venice. In addition it has a number of attraction sites such as museums, and is endowed with several entertainment spots. Besides of you want to visit government offices and admire the administrative structure of the Venetians, then a visit to Piazza San Marco is mandatory.

The Doge’s Palace

Initially this place was a part of St. Mark’s square but it has since been branded a separate entity. The Doge used to be the elected leader of who was symbolic and lived in the Doge’s palace. At the moment the palace is a museum, one of its kind. Inside the palace are colorful rooms occupied by the Venetian leadership back then. Here you will see the chambers of the legislature, executive and judiciary plus the secret prisons and the bridge of sighs.

The Grand Canal

Ever seen a canal 3km long and up to 70 meters’ wide? The Grand Canal in Venice is that big. It is the largest in the city. Besides it is not just a bare canal, along its banks stand many legendary structures. These include Santa Maria Della Salute Baroque, and the gallery of the accademia. The canal is crosses by the popular bridge Rialto plus two others the Accademia and the Scalzi bridges.

St. Mark’s Basilica

This is the most famous church in Venice and has an architecture of its own category. The church is nicknamed “church of gold” owing to its magnificent design and Byzantine architecture. The interior and exterior designs of the church are amazing with great ornamental and mosaic designs.

Venetian Islands

Venice is endowed with several islands of the Lagoon. Do not miss out on these amazing sites while in Venice. These islands include Burano, Guidecca, Murano and Torcella. Using the Gondola you can take ride through all these Islands. Make sure you discover what makes each of these Venetian Islands unique from other Islands of the world.

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