Los Angeles, The Heart of California

Los Angeles is commonly known by its initials LA, it has also been given the nickname the City of Angels. ¬†Aside from visiting San Diego it is one of the most recommended destinations in California. With the number of celebrities that call this place home, one might even say it’s the most popular city in the US.

No trip to California would be completed without checking off these 5 amazing things you can do while in Los Angeles:

Venice Beach

There is a great buzz of activity going on at the beach. If you like watching people, you will be able to see body builders working out. There is loads of cool stuff sold at the beach. You can also go for a relaxing swim in the beautiful beach or get a tan in the sun.

Getty Center

Here you will be able to see beautiful architecture, gardens and get a breathtaking view of Los Angeles. The collection includes paintings, drawings and sculptures by European artists that were active prior to the 20th century. For those who love history, you will be able to hear the history of the Getty Center and how it came to be so famous.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Have you ever wished to see a famous celeb? Then this would be the ideal place to spot one. As you walk down the star studded street, you will see the stars of great actors, actresses, and directors who have been recognized in the industry.

Hollywood Universal Studios

Have you ever wondered how a movie budget is made? In these studios there is a lot to learn. You will be able to see the props that they use, how explosions are faked, and basically all the backstage work that goes into making a movie. If you are lucky you may even get to interact with an actor.

Rodeo Drive

This is a famous shopping site for celebrities and locals alike. It’s a popular area for paparazzi to hang out as they wait for a celeb. The Rodeo drive is lined up with some of the most famous and expensive stores in the world. You might not be able to purchase much if you’re on a budget, but it is definitely a fascinating place to walk around and people watch.

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