Memphis: More Than Just the Mississippi

Memphis, Tennessee is home to some of America’s most famous tourist destinations, recreational activities and cultural experiences. In this article, we will break down the five must see attractions in Memphis. So, if you only do five things when you are in Memphis, make sure it’s these five.

The Mississippi River

The second largest river in the United States makes up the western border of the state. Surrounded by more than four miles of parkland and beautiful greenery, it’s the perfect place for a lazy Sunday picnic or a sunset cruise.

Beale Street

Famous world-wide for it’s night life, Beale Street is a must if you are looking for a fun night out in Tennessee. It also boasts an impressive collection of souvenir shops and is the best place to get authentic Memphis soul food, day or night.

The National Civil Rights Museum

Situated in the very building that Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated, the National Civil Rights Museum is a unique look into the United States Struggle for equality. A beautiful and truly inspiring cultural destination.

Sun Studio

The recording studio home to such legends as Ike Turner, Johnny Cash and, of course, the King himself, Elvis Presley – if you’re a fan of music of any kind, you iowe it to yourself to make the trip to this fully functioning recording studio has been designated a National Historical Landmark.


No trip to Memphis would be complete without a visit to Graceland. Even if you aren’t an Elvis fan, Graceland is a must. Get the opportunity to tour his mansion, see his incredible collection of cars and planes. You can even visit the grave site of the King himself. This is one for every person who visits Memphis, it’s an experience you won’t forget.

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