Places of Interest in Denver, Colorado

It is undisputable that Denver is a beautiful city with plenty of activities that tourists can engage in. It also has a favorable continental type of climate that makes it ideal to visit all-year round. It is due to this climate and geography that it is popularly known as Mile High City.

One of the 5 reasons to visit Denver, Colorado are the great museums located here. Denver Art Museum is amazing in many ways, it contains unique architectural designs by renowned Gio Pinto and Daniel Libeskind. Furthermore, It contains numerous collections of Native American art, and also more than 60,000 art objects of value. You will have a chance to be educated on old west classics when you visit this place.

Another gem that Denver has in its basket is the celebrated Clyfford Still Museum. It is a wonderful place that you can visit together with your family. It is named after one of the most respected painters of the 20th century, a genius whose works has inspired innumerable artists. It contains an estimated 2,400 works of the painter.

The US Mint is a must-visit for everyone who is planning to visit Denver for the first and second time. You are able to get a free tour around this plant that produces an estimated 50 million coins in a day. Learn the process of money productions and understand the very precepts of economics.

Strive to visit the History Colorado Center to learn more about history of this wonderful city in detail. This modern structure contains exhibits that depict development of the various aspects of Colorado including its culture. The high-tech equipment used at this center clearly defines objectively the history. It is an ideal place for adults and children too.

The Denver Zoo is another reason to visit this city, not only because of the more than 4,000 species of animals, but also of the general beauty of it. Having been opened in 1896 after a donation of a bear, it has actively served millions of tourists every year. This is a place that you cannot miss to take children to see the wonders of nature.

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