Places to Visit on Your Trip to Boston

Boston is a popular destination for overseas visitors to America, and it’s easy to see why. Aside from being a city with a very rich history, Boston also oozes a lot of charm. If you’re ready to visit this city, start browsing for flights to Boston. 

1. The Freedom Trail:

This consists of a two and a half mile long trail which leads you through seventeen of the city’s most important sites. The trail can be easily covered on foot and it is a great way to get yourself acquainted with the city.

2. Boston Public Garden:

Situated along the Charles Street, this is Boston’s oldest Botanical garden. There is a pond situated in this public garden which is open during winter for ice skaters. One can also enjoy riding the swan boats during other times of the year in this pond.

3. Boston Public Library:

This library is the oldest free book lending library of America. It also holds a large and magnificent president’s library that originally belonged to John Adams, who was the second president of the United States of America. This place is of utmost historical importance.

4. Boston Harbor Islands:

The national recreational area that belongs to Boston harbor islands mainly consists of about 34 islets. The options of swimming, hiking, camping and many others are present here. Some ruins f an old fort is also present here which makes this place picturesque and wonderful.

5. Copps Hill Burial Ground:

This burial ground was established in the year 1660. The designs of colonial times are well showcased in this burial ground, situated on the Hull Street. This is the second oldest ground for burial in Boston.

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