Podgorica: Exploring a different side of Montenegro

In overall, Podgorica in Montenegro is a wonderful tourist attraction destination. It has plenty of places and activities that can spice up a person’s visit. The following are the top 5 suggestions that you should consider when you visit Podgorica. Bear in mind that the five places are only the most famous places. There are several other places which will interest you when you are here.


This place is located a few kilometers away. It is a great place to explore some of the oldest settlements in Montenegro. It is a favorite for those who appreciate physical beauties. Historians and scientists will also get something to add to their knowledgebase. It is an inevitable place for those who love Podgorica.


This is another historical place that receives millions of visitors each year. It has a rich history and that is why famous place among archaeologists. For those who want to know how Podgorica was started, Duklja is the best place for that.

Monastery Dajbabe

This is the headquarters of holly edifices in Montenegro. Accessing this place is easy. You can proceed from the highway by car. It is a great place. It is symbolic and historical since it is located in a cave and it assumes the shape of a cross.

Nemanjin Grad

Nemanjin Grad, also called Nemanja’s town, is another historical place. As the name suggests, it is the birth place of the founder of the Serbian dynasty. Its romantic and enjoyable atmosphere makes it a great destination for natural travels and picnics. A visit here is worth a visit of even the best beaches.


Do you love fish and other sea food? Get all that at Vranjina when you visit Podgorica. If you have been to Greece, you will hardly differentiate it with this place.

In summary, Podgorica is a wonderful tourist attraction site. It can give you the best experience provided that you have an idea of where to visit.

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