Reasons to visit Asturias

Asturias, Spain is no ordinary place considering the Celts lived in the region. It is the Kingdom which the kings of Visigothic fortified themselves in and for very many centuries they were never defeated by the Moors. From here is where the reconquest by the Christians began. Below are 5 places to visit in Asturias, Spain.

Fuentes del Narcea is situated at the bottom of the Cantabrian Mountains and it is well known for the rural living and the pure forest. The rustling of trees is never a dull moment which makes it a superb place for nature lovers. You can enjoy memorable hiking trails like the route of the Pico Miravalles, the Route of the Gold and many more.

Oviedo was established in 761AD. It has exceptional architectural expressions as inheritors of Nordic, Roman and Visigothic traditions. The Fountain of Foncalada is one of the historical artifacts found within and around Oviedo city. It is also a UNESCO heritage designated site which you need to visit.

The Llanes Maritime Exhibition Center demonstrates the link between the whaling industry and Llanes. Everything relating to the sea that ever took place in history is all documented. It tells the story of Llanes and its residents. There are plenty of details which are highlighted in the exhibition center.

Revillagigedo Palace is a rather impressive building which is also a symbol of Gijon city. This 17th century palace has now been transformed into a cultural attraction center that has ongoing exhibitions and activities. The art gallery for instance exhibits 20th century art.

St. Mary at Mount Naranco is often used to demonstrate Romanesque architecture. The church is located not more than two miles away from Oviedo. It is still intact and is one of the best preserved Romanesque style churches. By visiting all these places, you will undoubtedly have a memorable trip.

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