Reasons to visit Lyon

Lyon is an exceptional destination particularly for tourists who love sightseeing trips or leisure vacation. In France it is considered the second metropolitan city and it boasts of a number of historic and cultural destinations. Below are 5 places to visit in Lyon, France.

Vieux Lyon also known as Old Lyon is among the oldest Renaissance in Europe. Most buildings here have undergone remodeling work over the past few years. Travelers can therefore enjoy viewing the picturesque, cobble stone narrow streets including the craftsmen shops. Other than the unique attractions, there are also numerous noteworthy restaurants, hotels and trendy boutiques in Vieux Lyon.

The other fascinating destination within the city is the stunning Roman Catholic Cathedral which is also a heritage site. Currently, St Jean Cathedral is regarded as the seat of the Lyon Archbishop. The most stunning feature of the Cathedral is the astronomical clock which has been around since the 14th century.

A vacation trip to Lyon would be incomplete without a visit to Chinatown Lyon which is the largest attraction site in France. It extends for about two blocks. Furthermore, it boasts of some amazing restaurants and shops. Since it is actually small in size, the whole area can be explored easily in just a single afternoon.

Gadagne Museum stands beautifully in a scenic Renaissance villa. It also has two major attractions within it which are the Museum of Lyon History and the Museum of World Puppets that focuses mainly on puppetry while the other focuses on vestiges, archaeological lithographs, paintings as well as other related documents.

Traboules is yet another place you should not leave out while visiting Lyon. They comprise of tunnels that pass through buildings and quite a good number of them lead to courtyards and gardens. The tunnels have a rich history and they were also helpful since they safeguarded the city against German invasion during the Second World War. Therefore, if you want to make your trip a memorable one, you need to visit the above mentioned places.

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