Road Trip: Los Angeles to New York

The classic cross-continental road trip has a special place in the American psyche. Even before Jack Kerouac wrote his seminal novel ‘On The Road’, adventurous young people and long-distance truckers alike were experiencing the thrill and challenge of driving across the United States. At almost 3,000 miles in distance, and crossing four time zones, there can be few greater adventures to be had in American tourism.

The beauty of taking a road trip from Los Angeles to New York is the sheer variety of approaches which can be taken to the journey. No two road trips will ever be the same, and factors such as the time available and the route taken will transform different journeys into very different experiences. Those who have little time to dedicate to their road trip are likely to spend most of their travelling time on the main interstate routes which cross the continent, as these provide the quickest travelling time and the smoothest driving and navigating experience. In contrast, those with a month or more to dedicate to the journey are likely to want to explore some of the back roads which proliferate across the heartland of America, and which often lead to quirky and unexpected tourist attractions.

The range of routes which can be taken between Los Angeles and New York means that it is impossible to provide a single guide to all of the attractions which might be seen by someone undertaking this journey. For example, a route which mostly used Interstates 15 and 70 would take a traveller through Las Vegas and into Colorado, and then through the heartland states such as Kansas, Indiana, Ohio and Maryland, finishing with Interstate 95 from Baltimore to New York. In contrast, a route which followed Interstate 40 would provide a more southerly experience, including passing through Arizona, New Mexico, Arkansas, and North Carolina. A traveller who eschewed the interstate routes entirely would be able to follow almost any path to their destination, and take as much time as they wanted in doing so.

Despite the variety of possible routes, however, any tourist worth their salt is likely to want to take in certain famous destinations on their trip. Some will stop shortly after leaving Los Angeles to explore some of the fantastic vineyards and mountain terrain of California, before moving on to the next state on their itinerary. For most, this will be Arizona, as the opportunity to see the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon for oneself if usually too much to resist. From there, if one’s appetite for epic natural vistas has not been sated, one could turn north into Utah, and visit the Arches National Park. With its sublime sandstone arches, this is one of the iconic American wildernesses. However, it would be wise to take a lot of water, for oneself and for one’s car. In July, temperatures regularly exceed 40 degrees Celsius!

As the road trip progresses from the West coast into the heartland of America, many tourists will choose to take Colorado’s Trail Ridge road, the highest continuous paved road in the USA. From there, a pleasant drive through the heartland states leads one to Illinois, and the Chicago metropolitan area. Those wishing to see the nation’s capital will then take a route which sweeps up the East coast and passes through Washington D.C. For those with a few more days still to spend in America, it might even be an idea to drive north of New York and visit Niagra Falls, before ending the journey in Manhattan, the most vibrant borough of the most exciting city in the world.

Clearly, few visitors to the United States have shipped their own car into the country for such a journey. This is where taking advantage of car hire USA style is massively advantageous. Making use of a hire car from a large company with an outlet in LA will allow a visitor to drive clear across the continent and still find an outlet in New York at which the vehicle can be returned. Warranties and guaranteed breakdown cover are also often offered as standard, providing peace of mind to the prospective road tripper. Enjoy the experience of a lifetime!

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