Secret Cinema – A Novel Experience

The Secret Cinema is a recurring interactive film experience based in London UK. The location of the event is kept secret until the day of the screening. Guests often arrive at the chosen location to discover that they’re being treated to a night at a 5-star hotel. While other times they’ll discover an outlandishly decorated gala in an abandoned car park. Whether situated in a luxurious or plain location, Secret Cinema never fails to impress its guests.

The secrecy of this event is only half of the excitement. It would be interesting enough to simply screen a great film at an undisclosed location. However, the promoters of Secret Cinema do their best to ensure that their guests leave with an experience to remember forever. From showing classic films with an entirely new score, to having special guests host the event, Secret Cinema always has an abundance of surprises in store even for those who have attended multiple times.

Local artists and entertainers have found themselves in high demand recently, as live installations and performances often accompany Secret Cinema shows. Usually keeping in line with the theme or film being shown that evening, these presentations only add to the excitement of the event and serve as a jumping off point for the careers of much of London’s artistic and performing community.

Guests must sign up in advance to be notified of the location of the Secret Cinema each month, as well as to learn any clues as to what the film and theme might be. As the show’s popularity increases, so do the opportunities for even grander events in the future. Many guests arrive dressed in costume in order to more fully engulf themselves in this truly interactive and exciting night out.

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