Taking in the sights in Salzburg

If you’re coming to Austria in search of views of the Alps and the old-fashioned atmosphere of central Europe, then look no further than Salzburg! This is a unique city that treats art as history, and history as art. The UNESCO World Heritage site of Old Town is a good place to start, as it promises an experience akin to time travel, with its carefully preserved architecture that takes you back to centuries of old. Here are some of the famous “must see” sites where you can begin your adventure in this beautiful city.

Hellbrunn Palace and Trick Fountains

This spacious country residence built in the year 1612 came about as a result of the city’s prince-archbishop’s obsession with fountains and springs. The nearby mountain naturally gives effervescence to the estate’s greens, and it’s a very soothing place to wander around.

Hohensalzburg Fortress

As one of the largest medieval castles in Europe, the Hohensalzburg Fortress features a funicular railway (once regarded as a modern means of transport in its 19th century setting), albeit now currently traversed by modern trams for convenient transport across its hectares full of history.

Museum of Modern Art

Ironically situated in a city known for classic artistry are places for the modernist – the baroque Rupertinum that features new artistic concepts and graphical collections, and the Mönchsberg that showcases contemporary art and the cinematic view of the Alps mountain ranges.

Mozart’s Residence

Carefully reconstructed after World War II, this “literally in-house” musical studio once home to the famous classical music composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart now houses history that sings for itself is on. This place is one of the most visited musical museums in the world.

Salzburg Cathedral

Looking “up” by looking back has never been more amazing with the site of this seventeenth century Roman Catholic cathedral, which was religiously rebuilt and preserved to exhibit ecclesiasticism that surely lasts.

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