The Most Dramatic Scenery in South America For Photography

South America has got to be, without question, one of the most exotic and fascinating continents. 13 countries strong, South America is famed for its astounding and intoxicating landscapes almost as much as their intriguing, friendly and welcoming culturally diverse populations.

Flights to South America are in abundance these days and travelling to this dynamic and effervescent continent has never been easier. Inexpensive airlines have made air travel affordable, and there is a lot of good value for money travel packages to South America. For photographers, South America has some of the most breath taking landscapes, and it’s no wonder why National Geographic has taken some of its most evocative shots and made some of its most moving documentaries here.

The Amazon

With some of the world’s most incredible cultural and natural landmarks, South America has become synonymous with stark, vivid contrasts, captivating sceneries, quaint historic colonial towns, thousands and thousands of seemingly never ending velvety beaches, local tribes and their historic villages all ensconced by the iconic snow-capped crests of the Andes, as it overlooks one of the world’s most spectacular natural resources – The epic Amazon Forest.

Known as the Lungs of the Continent, the Amazon Forest covers more than half of the country of Brazil and rolls over into no less than eight other countries, including Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia. With more than 16% of the world’s river water pumping through the Amazon Delta, the Amazon is home of the biggest collection of plants and animal species on the planet.

And for a wildlife and nature photographer, the unbelievable images provided right in the heart of the Amazon Forest are things that incredible careers are made of. See the elusive Amazon River Pink Dolphin, which is one of the most legendary creatures, and the subject of many fascinating myths and legends.

The Andes

See sloths, Toucans, Macaws, Piranhas and much more. And if you can manage to tear yourself away from the splendour and life changing sceneries of the forest then then another must see landscape for photographers is the resplendent Andes mountain ranges. Quoted as ‘’the largest Continental Mountain Range in the World’’, somehow that description just does not do it justice. Stretching over no less than 7 South American countries, the snow-capped peaks house many active volcanoes, and is one of the most integral eco systems for amphibians.

The biggest problem when arriving in South America is deciding where to go first, the dynamic continent is a bubbling cauldron of thrills, excitement, life changing experiences, challenges and soul stirring scenery and you don’t want to miss out.

Somehow, life will never be the same after feeling your heart in your throat as you hurtle down the Peruvian mountain slopes in a rickety bus, or as you get swept up in the intoxicating energy of Santiago or Buenos Aires where you lose your heart, and even possibly your belongings, as you chase the urges of your soul and mind driven wild and running free. Photograph Inca monuments and secret valleys, wildlife in, on and around Lake Titicaca, ride out with the Gauchos across the Argentine pampas, and feel the heavy sting of pelting rain in Patagonia, as the wild, untamed gusty wind sweeps you off to places that will change your life forever. And if you can’t leave the Andes, there are always ways to create an expat life for yourself, whether that be diving into the tourism industry, working at a translation agency, or even starting up your own business venture.

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