The Top 3 Countries to Teach English in South America

Teaching as a career is quite lucrative especially in countries that do not speak English as the first language. Although there always challenges that you will incur in the course of duty, the remuneration is worth a try. The top 3 countries to teach English in South America include:

Lake Titicaca in South America by pixabay user Yolanda
Lake Titicaca in South America by pixabay user Yolanda


This country offers excellent opportunities for those who are qualified and even those who do not have experience. However, to be in a better position you should have at least TEFL or CELTA certification. When you consider working in a higher institution a degree is needed. You can also opt to do private classes to earn more while teaching ESL in Chile. Note that these jobs are rarely advertised in the main stream media. Therefore, you may be required to consult the relevant institutions in person. When working in institutions be aware of the contractual terms.


Brazil is another country in South America that has a vibrant economy and is well organized. Teaching English in Brazil can be quite lucrative if you are able to work for a top institution. It is important that you meet the necessary legal requirements in order to secure a position. It is a great place to be based as a teacher if you are keen to learn and explore more of the continent and enjoy its diversity.


Mexico is amongst the top 3 countries to teach English in South America, considering the fact that it has relative peace and stability. The requirements to teach English as a Second Language in Mexico include a TESOL certificate and a university degree from a recognized institution. Though the requirements are not stringent, it is important to ensure that you have high qualification for a good pay check to come your way.

Teaching in South America will leave you with memories that will linger for the rest of your life. The countries are beautiful with diverse cultures, historical edifices, a welcoming people, and unmatched history.

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