Things to do in Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, the largest city of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has a plethora of tourist attractions. It is a place where people of all ages can come for attractions that include children’s museums, the Freedom Trail, the Museum of Science, and more. But the question is, what places can you visit in Boston to have an unforgettable experience? Here are a few suggestions for your visit:

New England Aquarium

First, you can go to the famous New England Aquarium where you can watch sea creatures and other impressive animals that you might not have even know existed.  As one of the top aquariums in the region it offers something for everyone.  Best of all, you will be able to enjoy this experience without even getting wet!

Museum of Fine Arts

A tour of Boston also means museum-hopping. The best known museum in the city is the Museum of Fine Arts; it has the finest collection of displays with artifacts coming from as far as Egypt, France, and the eastern grasps of Asia. It is here where you can also see the iconic Silver Liberty Bowl by Paul Revere. Another museum to keep in mind is the Museum of Science which has 700 interactive exhibits for everyone to enjoy.

Martha’s Vineyard

Third, is a day stroll. From Boston you can take a short day trip to Martha’s Vineyard, and spend the day breathing the fresh air, sunning at the beach, and enjoying the island’s relaxed feel.

Stellwagen Bank

Stellwagen Bank is a stretch of open water at the mouth of Massachusetts Bay, and that makes it a great place to go whale watching! Most tours run about 3-hours in length and take you out on a high speed catamaran.

Copp’s Hill Burrying Ground

One of the quirkier things that you can do in Boston is join other adventure-seekers on a tour where you will get to see the darkest and most haunted parts of the city! This will include a stop at Copp’s Hill Burrying Ground, which is a historic cemetery that dates back to the colonial period.

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