Things to do in Manchester on a Rainy Day

When you are considering paying Manchester a visit, it always is worth it to have your contingency plan, just in case it’ll rain. Fun and rain do not usually go together; however, in Manchester where rain is almost a staple, there already are activities which will turn your cold rainy day into a memory with keeping.

Go For a Tour In The Marble Brewery

Any phrase which contains BEER and FREE in it are difficult to ignore; hence, a tour in the Marble brewery is one of the great ways to enjoy the day. When you book for the tour in advance, this brewery could offer free tours within the facility. And with their more than 15 beer flavors that are for free tasting, the brewery is sure to marvel you.

Visit Vermilion Restaurant

This restaurant and cinnabar invested 4.5M just to build their 3-story restaurant and bar- one of UK’s most attractive spot. They offer delicious Asian food with an equally appetizing ambiance.

Try Indoor Winter Sports

Let us admit it, if the weather is to be compared to a family, the rain will be the naughtiest child. No person will enjoy the experience but you just need to live with it. Therefore, ignore the pouring rain and just go for an activity that is a bit extreme. You can try skiing and snowboarding in the biggest indoor slope in the United Kingdom.

Go To Manchester Gallery for Arts

Not a lot of people will like this idea; however, works of art are liberating most especially when you are given a chance to see the most spectacular ones for free. You have heard it right; the Gallery is opening its doors for people to see their wide array of contemporary and Victorian art without a cost.

Trafford Tour

It is great to know the Old Trafford’s history because this has inspired their football team to strive for success. This is recommended because the stadium is magnificent.

Rainy days in Manchester need not stop you from enjoying. As long as you are open into learning new skills and seeing new things, no amount of rain can stop you from seeing the wonders of Manchester.

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