Tips To Protect Your Camera Gear Before Traveling

Let’s face it – for those who take travel photography seriously – gear is not a cheap investment.  When travelling it becomes paramount to protect not only your gear but also your images.  The following suggestions will help ensure your gear and photos are safeguarded to the maximum level.

Carry a proper Camera Cleaning Kit

One of the challenges of being on the road, for an extended period of time, is having to deal with mother nature.  Weather is a serious consideration while travelling and certain types of conditions will cause wear and tear on your camera gear.  The types of things you’ll want to carry include waterproof protection for your camera in the form of a bag or case along with a cleaning kit that features a blower, microfibre wipes and cleaning solution.

Have Travel Insurance For Your Gear

Many serious travel photographers (or even enthusiasts) lug around gear that is valued well over a thousand dollars.  For this type of investment it’s important to have travel insurance that covers your gear.

Bring a Hard-Drive

Backing up your photos is essential!  Hard drives seem to malfunction at the worst possible times.  I’ve heard from many a photographer that they would rather lose their gear than deal with lost images.  To make sure this never happens carry a portable hard-drive and always back up your photos on your computer and on the portable drive.  As a bonus tip, consider keeping this in location separate from computer.

Save Your Photos Online

Finally, for added protection store your photos online.  Popular services such as Smug Mug or Flickr are excellent storage solutions that allow you share your photos in a variety of ways, in addition, to just storing them online.


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