Top 5 bars for a night out in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is a place of charm and history. That aside, the Scots can be a rowdy bunch who love a good party and are always hospitable to those wishing to join in on the fun. Those looking for more than just a good Scotch whiskey can find a plethora of bars serving all variety of drinks to people from all walks of life. Check out the 5 favorites below on your next trip to the city.

The Devil’s Advocate

Don’t let the medieval look of the wooden doors and stone facade fool you. In Edinburgh The Devil’s Advocate serves up reinvented Scottish pub food with a focus on interesting cocktails. The old-school bar-ware reminds one of an era gone by but the liquids inside are 21st century all the way.

Bar Missoni

The renowned Italian design house of Missoni welcomes the fashionable international jet set to the bar of their eponymous hotel. The decor is a blend of modern and whimsical; perfectly pleasing for the high maintenance clientele the bar is catering towards. Many drinks are crafted with seasonal ingredients and thus are subject to change; a perfect reason to return.

The Hanging Bat Beer Cafe

Serving numerous varieties of [mostly] UK micro-brews, the Hanging Bat is sure to be a favorite of the fussiest of beer snobs in your group.

Bramble Bar

Vintage concert posters decorate the walls and a DJ spins music every Friday and Saturday to create a hip lounge atmosphere with stellar cocktails. The creative drink names like the “Miss Muffet” and the “Stepford Sister” are sure to induce smiles even before they are tasted.

Ecco Vino

The wine is the star at this quaint bar/restaurant. Dozens of varieties are available, many by the glass, and can be enjoyed in a relaxed, intimate setting.

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