Top Landmarks in London for Travel Photographers

London is a city that appeals to many types of travellers. For the travel photographer, it holds something special in store. With so many diverse attractions and iconic landmarks, you’ll want to plan several days (if not several weeks/months) to try and fit it all in. when travelling to London, there are so many different options, with 5 major airports in the capital alone.

1)  Big Ben

Situated near the end of the Houses of Parliament, looking out over parliament, Big Ben stands tall.  For many travel photographers this is the ‘must have’ shot in London.  Named after the bell as opposed to the clockface, you’ll notice the charming sounds booming loudly every hour.  Make sure to take both a wide angle and zoom lens to capture both perspective and tight shots.

2)  London Eye

The newest landmark and hotspot in London is without a shadow of a doubt the London Eye.  Taking shots of the ‘eye’ itself will lead to some impressive photos but actually taking a ride will allow you to experience spectacular all around views for up to 25 miles.  Make sure to bring all of your gear for this experience!

3)  Piccadilly Circus

As a travel photographer, your portfolio should not just consist of impressive monuments and landmarks.  For shots of the non-inanimate variety, head over to Piccadilly Circus.  This is a great area for taking candid portraits and shots of the famous neon signs.

4)  Houses of Parliament

If gothic architecture tickles your fancy, the Houses of Parliament is where you’ll want to head.  Home to the UK government many are surprised to find out is was only reconstructed in the 1830s.  Make sure to bring your wide angle lens to fit everything into the frame.

5)   Buckingham Palace

No trip to London would be complete without paying a visit to the Queen’s official residence.  Totally regal and totally a travel photographer’s dream.  Don’t miss the changing of the guard ceremony!


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