A Visit to Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix, the US city and capital of Arizona, is a hot, hot, hot spot. And not only due to its extremely high summer temperatures. Looking beyond the restaurants chains, various malls and other overly advertised places that once seemed to suffocate the city, The Valley of the Sun also offers a hot cultural scene.

The Musical Instrument Museum

Located in North Phoenix, this museum is simply fascinating for all the music lovers out there. A unique American place, showcasing an impressive amount of musical instruments gathered from all over the world. As a big plus, the museum also contains a concert hall where you can have a great time by watching and listening to international music performances.

See the city from a mountaintop

At the Phoenix Mountains Preserve, you can hike the Piestewa Peak. Even dough the trail is extremely popular, making your trip alongside more fellow climbers is not an issue. And in order to reward your hiking efforts, once you get on top, you’ll be amazed by how beautiful The Valley looks from above.

Go on a car trip

The Drive Apache Trail, an Arizona Scenic Historic Byway, is the perfect way to see and experience sunny Phoenix. If you’re a fan of high adrenaline driving, than this is most definitely a trip for you.

How about horseback riding?

The huge South Mountain Park and Preserve is a great place for outdoor activities. You can go hiking, you can grab a bicycle and roam as you please, enjoying the nature. You can also ride a horse or you can just drive through Dobbins Lookout, the park’s highest point and get a perfect city view.


Yes, up. Way up high in the Phoenix sky with a hot air balloon. The hot air balloon rides are organized all year round and are a great way to have a super fun time in this great city, ever so spoiled by the sun.

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