What You Should Be Doing In New Orleans

There are a thousand and one things one can do in New Orleans. Some cost money while others don’t. In this article, you are going to learn about the top 5 Things to do in New Orleans for free.

Party All Night

New Orleans is famed internationally for its nightlife. You could go dancing right on Frenchman Street where most clubs admit patrons without a cover charge. It is not as touristy as Bourbon Street. Additionally, the best clubs in New Orleans are on Frenchman Street including d.b.a., The Maison, The Blue Nile, Apple Barrel and Check Point Charlie’s (that also has a Laundromat for those who get sweaty).

Take a Boat Ride

Riding the Canal Street Ferry also falls in with the top 5 Things to do in New Orleans. The ferry will transverses River Mississippi’s natural crescent ending at the Algiers Point right on the West Bank. On arrival at Algiers Point, you will get to enjoy the beauty of a residential neighborhood from the 19th Century that, uniquely, stood its ground against Hurricane Katrina. You can also stroll along the levee with the Jazz Walk of Fame or guide yourself on a sightseeing walking tour.

Enjoy Live Bands

The famed French Quarter Festival is considered to rank among the largest music festivals in the South. Held in April, it plays host to Cajun acts, classical, blues, gospel and Jazz with performances on 15 stages to entertain the over 500, 000 visitors who flock to listen to the rare music fusion. What is more, the Festival culminates in a breathtaking fireworks display.

Absorb Art

Alternatively, you can choose to stroll along the Art District found on Julia Street. This bustling neighborhood has scores of world- class museums and art galleries including Ariod Ante Gallery, Heriad- Cimino Gallery, Jean Bragg, Arthur Roger Gallery, The Contemporary Arts Center and LeMieux Galleries Inc.

Review the Sculptures

City Park is home to the Besthoff Sculpture Garden. This 5 acre park is populated by over 50 sculptures forming a collection of works by Sandro Chia, Siah Armajani, Fernando Botero, Louise Bourgeois, George Rickey, Lynn Chadwick, Arnoldo Pomodoro, Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore.

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