Where to go in Slovenia

For the majority of those who reside in neighbouring countries, their initial contact with Slovenia will most probably be Ljubljana, but there is plenty more to see outside the capital.

You can start your visit in Slovenia by taking a drive to Bohinj. If the roads are not overcrowded, it takes approximately one hour. The major attraction in this destination is the biggest permanent lake in the country. The lake is located in Triglay National Park. There are a good number of things that you can do here. To start with, you can view the beautiful Savica Waterfall after which you can take a ride to Vogel. The Cable car ride is amazing since you will enjoy the natural scenic beauty surrounding the lake and mountain. Once you get to the other side, you can enjoy hiking near the mountains. Also, at the mountain huts, you can drink and eat while relaxing.

A swim around Lake Bohinj is an amazing experience. There are some beautiful beaches around the lake that are just perfect for swimming. Renting a kayak or boat is also possible while at this Lake. Also, you can visit Mostnica Gorge that is situated near Stara Fuzina.

Bled is the next destination that is worth the visit. You probably would have passed this town on your way to Bohinj. Here, there are lots of hotels and accommodation options. The major attraction of Bled is the church and lake that has got an Island. Near the lake is a six kilometer path where you can enjoy a romantic evening walk if you have got enough energy after an exhausting day.

Ljubljana is Slovenian capital and is approximately 45 minutes away from Bled. While here, there are several ways in which you can spend your time. You can take a walk through the city center and also take a ride to the Ljubljana Castle through the funicular railway.

Finally, you can take time to visit the seaside. It takes approximately one hour to get through the motorway. While on your way there, you can stop to see the famous Skocjan Caves.

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