Why you should consider teaching in Saudi Arabia

Teaching English abroad offers opportunities for adventure, discovery, and new ways of experiencing the world. Depending on the location, it may also provide excellent opportunities to save money, gain international teaching experience, learn about distant cultures, and gain knowledge of other languages.

While many ESL positions are based in countries throughout the orient, most seeking a teaching job are unaware of the high demand for teachers in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabian schools are constantly seeking native speaking English teachers, and offer some of the most prestigious schools, and highest pay in the world. Pay may be as much as $4,500 depending on qualifications and experience.

This allows teachers to save substantial amounts of money once returning to their home countries. Not only is the pay higher than most countries, but the benefits packages are also excellent. Most packages allow teachers and their family to travel home once a year, with tickets paid for by the school.

Not only is the pay excellent, but teachers can expect a set schedule at most schools from 7:30 am to 4 pm. For teachers with families this an excellent schedule, which allows family time in the evening. Teaching time is also only 20-25 hours per week. Teachers can expect compound style living conditions, with amenities very similar to English speaking countries.

Such positions are open to native English speakers. Teaching English in Saudi Arabia also allows foreign teachers to learn about middle-eastern culture, customs, traditions and languages. Many foreign teachers choose to formally enter culture study programs while abroad. Saudi Arabia coastal beaches are also exquisite, with opportunities to see some of the most amazing villages, historical galleries, museums, and architecture in the world. Teaching in Saudi Arabia is a once in a lifetime experience that allows teachers to gain experience, save money, and learn about the world in a new way.

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