5 Tips to Help You Save on Hotel Bookings

The price you pay for a hotel room can vary quite a bit. It helps if you do research and learn a few tactics for saving money. The following are five ways to pay less the next time you want to book a hotel.

1. Pick the Right Location Very often, you’ll pay a lot less for a hotel just a few miles from the city center, beach or wherever the most desirable location may be. In some cases, you can do best by staying close to the airport. In New York City, for example, rooms in Queens near the airports are a lot cheaper than rooms in Manhattan. You can test it for yourself on Hotellook.

2. Buy a Package Deal

If you’re flying, staying in a hotel and renting a car, it’s usually cheaper if you bundle them. Look for good deals that combine everything you need for one price. Of course, you should always do the math and make sure you’re really getting a good deal.

3. Take Advantage of Discounts

There are several discounts that are given by almost all hotels. Students, seniors, military veterans and members of AAA are offered discounts everywhere. Many people, however, forget to take advantage of these savings. Even if these deals aren’t advertised, you should call the hotel and ask if they offer these discounts.

4. Join a Hotel Rewards Program

If you travel frequently, a hotel rewards program allows you to save money or even enjoy free nights at a hotel. Every time you use the credit card, you’ll be accumulating points. Airline credit cards can also be used in this manner. If you only use your credit card for purchases you’d be making anyway, the rewards points will be a nice bonus.

5. Plan Your Dates Carefully

The day of the week, as well as the time of year, can have a big impact on hotel prices. If possible, try to schedule your trip off season. Avoid booking at the most popular times or when a certain event causes a spike in prices. Staying at hotels mid-week rather than over the weekend is another way to reduce your bill.

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