5 Places to Visit in Moldova

There are no seasides and lakes in Moldova because it is a landlocked country. Characterized by hot, sunny weather, you definitely will enjoy a great swim especially if you visit between the months of June and August.

Chisinau is the capital city of Moldova and it is an interesting place to visit. There are some nature places that are definitely worth the visit like Orheiul Vechi and Tsipova.

In Chisinau, there are several drinking establishments as well as clubs. Also, you can visit some interesting parks and meet plenty of interesting people. Here, Russian is the most widely spoken language and basic English is also learned in universities and schools. Similar to majority of the post-soviet countries, many people have attained higher education.

You can visit the monastery in Chisinau. This place is holy and yet mysterious with icons, candles and monks everywhere. The rooms where the monks resided seem mysterious. The monks sleep and pray at the monastery.

Another interesting place to visit is the waterfalls. Here, you can take some beautiful photos and enjoy the sound of the water. The scenery around these waterfalls is simply breathtaking.

It is a wonder how such a tiny and little known country is rich with natural sights. Kayaking can be enjoyed at the Nistru River. The peaceful flow of the river is amazing. Also, there are many caves in Moldova and visitors can enjoy a wonderful hiking experience.

At the Sparta Equestrian Club that is situated in Budesti village, you can enjoy horseback riding. Here, there are also interesting competition and games that you can take part in.

Finally, do not worry about accommodation when in Chisinau because there is a wide variety of options that you can choose from such as budget hotels and apartments. So, do not hesitate to plan a vacation in Moldova.

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