5 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Hong Kong

Hong Kong may cover just 426 sq. miles of land area, but people from neighboring countries and even those from the West have flocked here to find residency because it is one of the world’s leading financial center. Aside from that, Hong Kong also offers lots of local attractions that make tourists come here over and over again. If you ever find yourself visiting this Chinese region, make sure that you visit and do the following.

1) Hong Kong Skyline

The Hong Kong Skyline will beat New York’s at any given time. So, make sure that you go out once the sun starts to set to avoid missing out on this spectacular view.

2) Victoria Peak

The best place to view Hong Kong’s skyscrapers at any time of the day is from Victoria Peak. This vantage point will present Hong Kong’s finest to you, which are not just the towering structures and the vast harbor, but the energy and vibrance that this city breathes.

3) Hong Kong Museum of History

Visiting a new place should not only be about shopping or visiting local tourist spots. It would be nice to learn about its history too and this museum is the best place for that. It consists of four floors that have eight permanent exhibits that will tell you a story of how Hong Kong came to be what it is now.

4) Temple Street Night Market

Hong Kong is almost synonymous to the word “shopping”. Several markets here offer the best prices on all items that even locals from neighboring countries do not mind the airfare just so they can shop all they want in Hong Kong. The Temple Street Night Market is just one of the popular markets here.

5) Ride a Chinese Fishing Vessel

Hong Kong used to be the center of trade for fishermen and pirates. In fact, its strategic location is one of the reasons why its economy has flourished through the years. If you want to experience this city like those fishermen of long time ago did, try hiring a junk or a Chinese fishing vessel and sail off to the islands that compose this archipelago.

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