5 Things to do in Manchester in Spring

John Rylands Library

This library is one of the most beautiful libraries in Britain and was a dedication from Ryland’s widow to her late husband, John. The breathtaking building was built in a Victorian Gothic fashion and there is a huge collection of rare manuscripts found within the shelves of the library. The most notable book in the library is the Gutenberg Bible.

Manchester Art Gallery

If you are more of an art lover then you cannot miss out on an opportunity to visit the Manchester Art Gallery. Here you will find an exquisite collection of British art among other prestigious European works of art. You will find works of art from artists such as Francis Bacon and David Hockney. This art gallery also contains the most valuable collection of the Pre-Raphaelite art.

Castlemorton Common

For those who are totally in love with nature, a reptile safari would be suitable for you. On this safari you will learn how to identify the native reptiles found at the Castlemorton Common in Manchester. This area is found near the Malvern Hills and is a rich ground for observing spectacular and rare reptiles.

Bird watching at Malvern Hills

Another activity that you can take part in is bird watching in the Malvern Hills. There is a rich and exotic bird life in these hills that is sure to live you enchanted especially during Spring.

National Football Museum

Another ideas is to visit the world’s biggest football museum, the National Football Museum. Here you will discover the history of the game and how it has impacted the English culture. You will learn about great players, controversial matches and the history of how the game developed in Britain.

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