A Few Reasons To Visit Melbourne

Melbourne is considered to be the culture capital Australia and it is filled with plenty of things to do and see. It is additionally a vibrant city where you can enjoy style, sport, dining and rich culture. Below are 5 things you should see and do while visiting the gorgeous city of Melbourne.

Saint Kilda is a place located 6 km South-East from the Central Business District. It is situated in an elite neighborhood which has now been transformed into a cultural center. Saint Kilda is among the biggest attractions and a day trip to the region will be worth it. You can take a trip to the Saint Kilda beach, Acland Street, Fitzroy Street and popular attractions such as the Luna Park which all attract visitors from all over the globe.

It would be a brilliant idea to schedule your visit during the Australian Open Tennis. The sporting world usually shifts focus to Melbourne during the periods of January when renowned tennis players compete in the Australian Open. Therefore, if you are a big fan of tennis, you should plan your visit during such times of the year and watch some quality tennis.

An excellent stop for tourists visiting Australia is the Melbourne Zoo which showcases a variety of wildlife found in Australia together with exotic animals found all over the world. It is located just 4km on the Northern side of the city. This makes it perfect for families who would love to enjoy a day trip away from the city.

Great Ocean Road is just as pretty as it appears in the pictures. It provides numerous options for those who love their food and wine. Furthermore, it is a spectacular place for hiking and enjoying outstanding wildlife and nature. Since it is listed as one of the Australian National Heritage centers, visitors are guaranteed of being impressed by the natural and gorgeous display.

The inner city of Melbourne is filled with laneways which are brimming with unique gems. Take some time to discover the fine local culture by taking a tour of the hidden alleys of the city. You can additionally peruse some of the graffiti galleries, try a cocktail or dance as you enjoy your drink at any of the grungy clubs. All these plus many more make the region a superb destination.

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