A sunny trip to Malaga, Spain

In the heart of Malaga, you will find narrow streets and corridors, lined with old houses, shutters, balconies, and old churches. This is a port city, and has been one for an extremely long time. The beaches are not highly recommended on the weekends as they are packed with tourists and locals. A better time would be in the mornings on the weekdays. There are better beaches in Spain than this one.

Malaga earth hour beautiful sunset Image by Gary C from Pixabay
Malaga earth hour beautiful sunset Image by Gary C from Pixabay

However there are some truly magical attractions in Malaga.

The Gibralfaro Castle Ruins, and all of the Ruins around the city are definitely worth exploring. You can even climb to the top of the Gibralfaro Castle and see views of Malaga. Some of these views are spectacular and are definitely worth checking out!

Go to the Cathedral. The cathedral there is known as a one armed lady, because one of it’s double spires was never completed. It is a beautiful, well preserved cathedral within the heart of the city from the Renaissance period.

Go to the Picasso Museum. This is definitely worth a look, if you can find the entrance. You can also see the house in which Picasso was raised, which is now a museum. The variety and depth of Picasso’s work is outstanding, and is well represented by the Picasso Museum.

Visit the other Art Museums. I highly recommend the Carmen Thyssen Museum, which houses a body of work which depicts Andalusian life and culture over the years. Also it has many beautiful Spanish landscapes and Portraits.

Hit the beach! Even if this beach isn’t the best one in Spain, it is definitely worth going there. It is a spectacle in itself. As a coastal port town, Malaga has a long stretch of beach to visit. You have to see it, and look at the port while you are there!

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