Different trips around the UK

Are you looking for some different ideas on how to spend your holidays in the UK? Here are some options which cater to different travel styles – everything from holiday camps to sporting activities, and a little culture sprinkled in for the museum buffs.

Fun and relaxation at holiday camps

Holiday camps are a great option for a holiday with children because they specialize in fun for the whole family. Butlin’s is a popular holiday chain which offers a seaside escape which is laden with activities to keep the whole family entertained. With summer just around the corner, the best time to visit is in the July holidays.

Get into sporting activities

If you are a big sports fan, then there are various activities that you can easily enjoy while still staying on budget. You may want to consider watching various English soccer clubs play live in their stadiums – everyone loves a good match with Manchester United.

Or if you are looking for a sport that is steeped in history, then you’ll likely want to attend the boating races which feature the teams from Cambridge and Oxford which excel at this sport.

A taste of culture and heritage

The United Kingdom is a place steeped in rich history so there will be no shortage of museums, art galleries, castles, and even Roman ruins. The best thing you can do is research a few attractions that interest you the most – these could be Stonehenge, the Roman baths in Bath, or crumbling structures like Christchurch Castle – and plan day trips from there. Most people like to head straight for London, but by getting out of the city you’ll be able to get a flavour of the UK as a whole.

With a little research and careful planning, your trip to the UK this summer is bound to be a memorable one. If you are ready to start planning your summer holidays, then be sure to check out these fantastic weekend breaks at great prices.

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