Dubrovnik: The Gem of the Adriatic

Underrated Dubrovnik is clearly a very beautiful old-fashioned cities in Europe, with its beautiful landscapes and great sea, located on the south of Croatia. Dubrovnik is for years one of the most popular European summer destinations for people all around the globe. Also, it is a fun fact that Game of Thrones were shot in many parts of the city.

Here are some of the great 5 places to visit on a trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia:


Stradun is the favorite promenade of Dubrovnik, especially for younger people, and tourists from all over the world. No one will miss the walk down the Stradun, because this will be a very memorable encounter with city. It was built after the big earthquake in 1667. In the busy year for renewal of Dubrovnik, and it is a favorite location for tourists because of its simplicity of their beautiful stone architecture.

Franciscan Monastery

This is really a must see for avid fans of amazing architecture as this surrounding building and courtyard are widely considered as masterpiece of Dubrovnik architecture. It has beautiful Roman-Gothic styling in it, and features the 2nd oldest pharmacy in Europe.

Bokar Fortress

With its gorgeous stone wreaths this fortress was built by Michelozzo plans, who had to defend main entrance gate and bridge at Pile (popular part of city). Today this is mostly used a venue for the popular Dubrovnik Summer Festival.

Ancient City Walls

Ancient City Walls are probably the most visited Dubrovnik location, it is the most recognizable landmark that really define-sits physiognomy and gives it its characteristic, worldwide famous look with its intact city walls, which in total length of 1940 meters surround the city. It is purely composed of a series of forts, bastions, towers and separate fortresses.

Rector’s Palace

This Gothic-Renaissance Palace was built in early 16th century, and it is adorned with it’s amazing sculptural ornamentation. Despite being rebuild many times, it still retains its gorgeous striking unity. This palace was originally built for rector who governed this city, and now it is a very popular location for many tourists.

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