Europe by train, the best way to see Europe

Discovering Europe by train is the preferred mode of travel for romantic voyagers who want a comfortable way to view the scenery of some of the continent’s finest cities. The railway network connecting the continent is extensive which makes it possible for travellers to tour almost every European country efficiently. RailEurope is the number one source for train travel throughout Europe, and it networks with over 50 different railway stations all over the continent. Here are some of its most famous, scenic stops.


Travellers that book through RailEurope experience fun-filled days sightseeing in the picturesque Alpine country of Switzerland. First class seats are reasonably priced at £274 per person for a five day trip, and the ticket includes unlimited transportation upon arrival at a train stop in Switzerland as well as free admission to over 400 museums there. The discounted pass purchased through RailEurope offers pass holders the chance to ride one of the country’s night trains where passengers sleep through the night and awake refreshed at their next touring destination.


For less than £200 per person for a five-day trip, travellers tour their favourite French cities from central regions near the capital to the coastal, southern locales. Passes include deep discounts on hotels and tourist attractions like museums, theatre productions, and theme parks. The option to use one of the days for a trip on one of the high-speed rail lines is also included in the fare. From France, travellers may continue on train or obtain discount flights to Nice, Rome, or Venice for an unforgettable Italian holiday.

United Kingdom

Travellers leaving by train from Paris often board the Eurostar train that reaches London in a little over two hours for prices starting at £45 per person. London is a gateway city which links travellers to the rest of the U.K. in style. A popular city to visit on holiday is Edinburgh in Scotland. The famed Orient Express offers a night train that allows travellers to spend four luxurious nights on board the Royal Scotsman as it meanders through Scottish Highlands. The adventures in Scotland include sumptuous meals and exciting land excursions to fascinating castles.

Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany

Travellers in the U.K. also book discounted fares with RailEurope to Brussels, Belgium which is the current European Union capital. The Benelux-Germany pass allows travellers to add Luxembourg and Germany to the travel itinerary as well. Belgium’s close neighbour country of Luxembourg is a gateway city that also connects travellers to eastern and western Europe. It is one of the smallest countries in Europe with a rich history as a strategic line of defence in wars. The small country also boasts some of the wealthiest citizens in all of Europe.

St Petersburg

Reasonable air fare is obtained from discount European airlines like Alitalia when visiting a place that is not served by RailEurope or other railway lines. This is normally the way travellers visiting St Petersburg in Russia arrive from Germany, and the round trip price of a ticket typically costs less than £200. Reminiscent of scenes in the Tolstoy novel Anna Karenina is the night train ride from lovely St Petersburg to Russia’s capital city Moscow on the Red Arrow rail line.

Travelling by train on scenic routes gives visitors ample opportunity for sightseeing in style and comfort. Older adventurers who love to travel but who do not get around as nimbly as they did in their younger years find that trains are still their preferred mode of travel. Also, inflexibility of itinerary is not an issue with train travel anymore because discounted passes often include public bus transportation in destination cities so one is able to explore Europe even further.

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