Foods to try in Spain

Spain is the land of sun, beaches, and fine wine, but let’s not forget the food. If you are going to be travelling through the Spanish country, you need to do yourself a favour and indulge in a few national dishes. Here is a sampling of some traditional Spanish foods. Your stomach will thank you later! Buen apetito!


Tapas are small appetizers served at bars and cafes. These can be anything ranging from olives, shrimp, and fried fish, to slices of baguettes with olive oil and dried ham. Some establishments may serve you free tapas when you order a meal or a drink, while at other restaurants you have the option of ordering several tapas and turning that into a meal itself. Why stick to one main dish when you can try a little bit of everything?


Tortilla is a lot like a thick omelette except is contains a number of other ingredients including onions, potatoes, cheese, and sometimes even vegetables. It is a hearty dish that will leave you feeling satisfied and ready to explore the streets.


Thought paella originates in Valencia, it is regarded to be Spain’s national dish. It is a mix of rice, vegetables, beans, and can include a variety of meats including shrimp, scallops, mussels, chicken, sausage and any other kind of meat you can think of. This is something you cannot miss during your time in Spain.


The famed sangria is something that you will encounter at every bar and restaurant. This wine punch is made by mixing red wine with either brandy or a soft drink like Sprite, and then adding an assortment of fresh fruits like oranges, lemons, apples, berries, and grapes. No two sangrias are the same, so be sure to try a few; you’ll be sure to find more than one you enjoy.

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