Historical Attractions in Berlin

If you are planning to take your vacation in Germany then Berlin is one of the best places to Visit. Berlin is a populous city with an estimated population of over 3 million people. It is located in the Northeast part of Germany next to the River Spree. The 5 historical attractions in Berlin Germany mentioned below are amongst the best sites in the country that tourists love to visit.

The Berlin Wall

This iconic wall played a central part in defining history of German as a country. It separated East Germany with Western Germany close to 30 years from 1961-1989. It was home to one of the biggest ideological battles in history.

Berlin Stasi Prison

Berlin is the capital city of Germany and has played a central role in the county’s political life for a relatively long time. Berlin Stasi Prison is the place you have to visit to understand the horrors associated with cold war. It serves as a memorial to the victims of the era and helps give in-depth knowledge on the operations of the government of the day.

Berlin Dome

The Berlin Dome built during Kaiser Wilheim II stands as a historical landmark that every tourist is always proud to visit. The cathedral is remarkable in stature and has stood strong since it was built in the 20th Century. The architectural designs are great and the ambiance therein unmatched.

Checkpoint Charlie

Another cold war historical site is CheckPoint Charlie where you can learn how the cold war operative managed to capture their enemies. Although the original gate is stored in the Allied Museum, the replica still brings out emotive reactions from victims of the war as well as visitors.

The Jewish Museum

The Jewish Museum contains so much information about life of the Jewish people, and traces it back to over 2000 years. The history is presented chronologically and looks deeper into the roots of Jews in Germany. You will get a better understanding of what transpired prior to the Jewish mass killing.

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