Ideas for a Trip to Bari

Italy is not just about Rome, Venice, Milan, or Florence. Certainly, a trip to the busiest Roman cities in the world can fulfill your bucket list. However, there are those who are prefer the ambiance of the backcountry and a trip to the south of Italy is just as historical and vibrant. Bari is the second largest city in the south next to Naples. If you are going on a vacation, here are five things to do in Bari, Italy.

Italy flag by pixabay user OpenClipart-Vectors
Italy flag by pixabay user OpenClipart-Vectors

Walk Along Medieval Architecture at Bari Vecchia

Just like other cities in Italy, Bari is known for ancient structures and churches that make up its crooked streets. Round-the-clock bars and restaurants are given extra security for improved tourism.

Celebrate Pre-Christmas at Basilica di San Nicola

Your curiosity about the origin of patron saint of Christmas will be relieved when you visit Saint Nicolas Basilica. It is said that this was the last refuge of the famous saint before his death. Religious festivals are held to commemorate him every December 6th.

Explore a UNESCO Heritage Site at Alberobello

The village of Alberobello was known exist since the pre-historic times. There are no inhabitants as of today but there are pagan relics and interesting architecture to include dome-shaped roofs and ancient alphabet characters that will really entice the anthropologist in you.

Journey Through Grotte di Castellana

With 60 meters of depth from the surface, Grotte di Castellana is considered to be the deepest cave in the world. The journey through a series of caverns takes two hours and visitors are rewarded with a stadium-like passage on the end consisting of giant stalactites.

Sail Into the Ocean

Bari is one of the most important ports not only in Italy but also in Europe. It is an ideal passageway towards Albania, Greece, and Montenegro that extends through the scenic Adriatic Sea. Bari is an ideal point to start from whether you are sailing as a tourist or backpacker.

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