Las Vegas on a budget

With all the casinos, extravagant shows, and expensive restaurants, it’s easy to spend a lot of money any time you visit Las Vegas. Fortunately, that doesn’t always have to be the case. There are plenty of things you can do to enjoy the city on a limited budget. You can plan an entire trip from beginning to end and fill it with exciting, affordable activities.

How To Get There

Flights to Las Vegas can be very pricey because it is such a big tourist location. If you’re looking to fly right into Las Vegas and can’t believe how expensive those tickets are, try another method. Fly from your original destination to a different city in the United States southwest, like San Diego or Phoenix. Flights from other southwest cities can be much less expensive, and you can get cheap tickets just by adjusting your travel route a bit.

Where to Stay

Las Vegas is full of extravagant hotels where you can stay for up to £26,000 a night, but there are plenty of alternative options as well. If you want to stay somewhere on the Strip, it will definitely be more expensive than staying off the Strip. That doesn’t mean there aren’t options. They’re just harder to find. Some good on-Strip possibilities are the Sahara, the Monte Carlo, and the Excalibur. They’re all great hotels close to the action. If you don’t mind being a bit further away, you can book a hotel in downtown Las Vegas. It’s far enough away from the tourist attractions that you can find dozens of cheap lodging.

What to Do

Las Vegas offers so many different options for entertainment that the question is not “how do I find something to do?” but “which one should I choose?” When you book your hotel, look and see if they have any packages that bundle entertainment options along with it. If so, it’ll be well worth it. It will give you plenty to do in the city for much less than you would have paid at the door.

If you haven’t bundled it, you won’t be able to see the top headliners, but you can still pick of plenty of show tickets for good prices. Aim for afternoon matinees rather than evening shows, or look for venues that are off the Strip or a little bit older.

There are even free activities you can do in Las Vegas. See Treasure Island’s free pirate show or the free circus down at the appropriately named Circus Circus. You can also just stroll around scenic areas, like the Botanical Garden, or Bellagio’s Conservatory and Fountains.

Where to Eat

When you book your hotel, look for one with a free continental breakfast. That will get at least one meal out of the way inexpensively. If you shift all your meals to later times than you usually would, you can save money as well. Many places offer cheap drinks and appetizers during pre-dinner hours, so you can make those your lunch. It’s easy to fill up on wings or nachos. After you’ve had your evening entertainment, look for a place open late. They won’t be hard to find in Vegas, and most places open late; offer after hour’s meal specials that are much cheaper than getting a full meal elsewhere.

When to Go

Now that you have some tips in hand on how you can enjoy the city without paying an arm and a leg for it, go ahead and look for flights and hotels now. If you want to pay a visit to the city, there’s no time like the present.

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