Macau: It’s more than just casinos

Macau is a must visit for all travelers who go to Hong Kong. It is only a ferry-ride away and the destination is absolutely worth the travel. There are a number of attractions on this peninsula and each of them are only walking distance away from another. Here is a list of the 5 things to see and do on a visit to Macau.

1. The San Paulo Church was built in the 17th century but then it burned down in 1835 leaving behind only a beautiful façade. A walk through this place will reveal to you a number of graves and ruins that perhaps no one has seen before.

2. Largo de Senado offers a spectacular gist of all the colonial architecture that one can still see across Macau. With pastel coloured houses, black and white cobblestone pathways and a square in the center of it all, you must not forget to visit this area. Not only is Largo de Senado considered to be the liveliest part of Macau, it is also the prettiest!

3. A-ma Temple is located on the southwestern corner of Macau and it was built in 1488. It was built in honour of the Tao God of seafarers and its breathtaking ocean view location is a must visit. The temple reeks of strong, intoxicating incense scents due to the several coils that overlie the walls.

4. Mandarin’s House was built in the 1800s to serve as home to Zheng Guanying, a well-known philosopher. This 4000 square feet complex resembles a traditional Chinese home and its mazy walks can be quite amusing to visitors.

5. Even though Las Vegas is more commercialized, Macau happens to be the gambling capital of the world as it makes the most amount of revenue from the same. Even if you are not the kind who enjoys a stint at the casino, while visiting Macau, you must visit Grand Lisboa, which is the most popular casino in the city.

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