Perth: Another Side of Australia

Perth is a beautiful and thriving city of the Western Australia. It is blessed with sunny days the entire year and quite a lengthy perfect coastline. There are also plenty of parks and large tracts of land covered in natural bush land. There are a variety of things you can see and do while taking a trip to Perth.

Rottnest is without a doubt the most excellent getaway that is situated near Perth. Since it only takes approximately thirty-minutes on a ferry ride from Fremantle Harbour, it is highly recommended as a day trip when visiting Perth. Despite the fact that it is near the city, it is a really good place for seeing the Australian native wildlife on land and in water.

The beaches in Perth are simple but gorgeous, and on hot summer afternoons they are an absolute heaven. The white sandy beaches stretch along the coast for several kilometers. You will undoubtedly find it pleasurable to swim in the clear and dark blue oceans. Trigg beach offers visitors an excellent opportunity to surf or boogie board when waves become bigger. Beaches on the Northern side of Trigg on the other hand are rocky and smaller, with reefs which make it perfect for snorkeling.

If you are a huge fan of taking hikes or walks, then you can enjoy taking a walk in the bush or visit the wineries and ancient townships. These overlook Perth Hills thus making it the perfect destination. Hiking on the Bibbulmun Track and any of the National Parks is also recommended. You can additionally ride on the Calamunda camels as you explore the region.

A prison could probably be the last thing you would ever think of as an attraction point, but anyone who has ever toured Fremantle Prison will confess that is worth touring. The chilling, creepy and sometimes horrifying nature of the prison makes it absolutely fascinating. The experience will not be forgotten quickly.

Perth is located along the Swan River; as a result, taking a cruise all the way to Fremantle or the Swan Valley is advisable. There are plenty of activities such as catamaraning, riding and walking which you can all enjoy on the river banks.

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