Places to See in Faro, Portugal

Faro is a small municipality situated in southern part of Portugal. While this city might be a bit small compared to other cities in the region, this is what brands it as a popular tourist destination. The city boasts many tourist attractions¬†that are fairly comparable to bigger cities in the region without many distractions and crowds. If you’re ready to explore this part of Portugal, browse some of these cheap flights to Faro.

Here are some ideas for places to visit while in Faro:

Capela dos Ossos

This is among the most unusual and eccentric attractions in Faro. The chapel was constructed in 19th century and it is lined with over 1200 skulls of human beings. This makes it to be more of morbid attractions in the region. Apart from this gray attraction, this chapel is well known for its Renaissance and Gothic architectural style. Thus, it is a perfect destination for people who love 19th century history and architecture.

Faro Archeological Museum

Located inside Convento de Nossa Senhora de Assuncao, this museum is good for people who are interested in Portuguese history or the historic artifacts of civilizations that once occupied the region. Some of the exhibits that visitors can see while visiting Faro Archeological Museum include: Portuguese art, ancient Roman mosaics and ancient relics from the Moors.

Ria Formosa National Park

The park has a number of unique species including intangible Sultan Chicken and a number of wintering birds. In addition, the park has secluded islands that include Barretta, Tavira and Armona.

Maritime Arts Center Almirante Ramalho Ortigao

This center allows tourists to get an understanding of the maritime history of Portugal. It has many assortments of relics that chronicle the proud history and offers visitors an opportunity to experience gratified Portuguese maritime traditions including equipment, tools, and even ships of Portuguese fishing culture.

The Villas

Faro has a number of prestigious hotels. These hotels are well equipped with pools and air conditioning units, thus, if it is hot, your needs will be catered for. Visit some of these hotels and have your life time.

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