Smiling Faces Destinations in Asia

I’m thoroughly addicted to travel in Asia.  It’s by far my favourite region in the world for backpacking adventures.  With exotic and diverse cultures, language and cuisine I constantly feel stimulated; however, it’s also one of the most affordable and well developed regions for travellers. If you compare the available accommodation and find the best prices on the net, travelling there can be much more wallet friendly than you would expect.  Aside from all of this, what keeps me coming back are the friendly locals.  Some of the kindest people I’ve encountered are from some of the poorest nations in this region.  The following two countries are my favourite in all of Asia:

Smiling faces from Thailand


Thailand is the most popular country in South East Asia for tourists and backpackers.  With gorgeous beaches in the south and cultural hubs in the north there is something for everyone.  Thai food is quite possibly the most delicious cuisine on earth.  From spicy and savoury curries to sweet desserts, it’s an incredible experience to eat with locals or even take a Thai cooking class.  Finally, all roads lead to Bangkok – the capital city of Thailand.  As steamy and gritty of a city as any in South East Asia, it’s also charming and has more temples and cultural activities worth doing than just about any other city in this region.  Finally, Thailand is known as being the ‘Land of Smiles’ and it certainly lives up to its reputation.

Smiling faces from India


It’s hard to even describe a country as diverse as India.  The official tourism slogan is ‘Incredible India’ but I’d go as far as to say it is indescribable.  One of my favourite areas to visit is Rajasthan where camel trekking and visiting Forts are two of the main highlights throughout the region.  No trip to India is complete without taking trains with the locals.  Finally, the Indian people are some of the warmest I’ve encountered anywhere.  I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve been invited into a locals home for a nice cup of Chai tea.

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