Stavanger: Another Scenic Side of Norway

A trip to Stavanger city in Norway will never disappoint you; there are plenty of fun activities to engage in and beautiful scenes to explore. It does not matter if you are travelling to Stavanger for the first time or subsequent visit, your trip will always be full of surprises. Stavanger City is located in Southwestern Norway on the shores of Atlantic Ocean; it serves as an important petroleum refinery center, an urban settlement center, an agricultural, fishing, textile and tobacco industry. The following are 5 things to do on a trip to Stavanger, Norway.

Exploring Lysenfjorden

Norway is one of the few countries where you can catch a beautiful view of the fjords. On a visit to Lysenfjorden, you will get a chance to view, take pictures or even hike on these rare geographical features which are over 600 meters high. Hiking the fjords will give you an exclusive beautiful view of the land below, it will automatically leave you with a lasting touring experience.

A walk to the Preikestolen

Climbing and walking on the steep Preikestolen will definitely leave short of words to describe the experience. It takes approximately two hours to reach on top of the Preikestolen, make advance preparations of the exploration. Carry good clothing, hiking kits and enough drinking water to ease your touring experience.

A boat trip to Flor and Fjaere gardens

The boating experience to the garden will welcome you in a style to the botanical garden. Flor and Fjaere garden is home to a variety of exotic flowers and tree varieties on an Island. Taking a nature walk is the best way to explore the garden; you will have a beautiful view of different plant species and a wonderful experience of the surrounding environment.

Exploring the city beaches

There is a plentiful of sandy beaches in Stavanger. They are located in Jaren and Gandsfjorden. The welcoming beach environment and the surrounding communities will make your beaching experience awesome. The fjords can also be seen while the beach.

Bicycle tours

Rent a bicycle from a local dealer and take a bicycle picnic ride to various destinations in Stavanger. Biking to the different locations will offer you with an exclusive view and experience of different land mark features. Most of the touring sites can be easily accessed through biking.

Indeed a trip to Stavanger will never disappoint, the exclusive geographic land features and a plentiful of activities to engage in will definitely make you a frequent visitor to Stavanger. The activities to engage in will definitely leave you with an awesome touring experience in Stavanger.

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