The Cheapest Modes Of Transportation In The World

People love travelling. People enjoy moving from place to place exploring the different places in the world. For this to happen, transportation is the mode behind travelling from place to place. Without transportation then travelling will not be possible. It is through transportation that one can move across the sea and generally move around different places around the world. In transportation there are different modes ranging from cheap modes to expensive modes. For most people cheap and affordable modes of transportation are the most used modes. The following are some of the cheapest modes of transportation in the world.

The Tuktuk

These are motorized three wheeled motorcycle-like vehicles. They can carry up to four passengers at the back and the driver at the front. They are operated just like motorcycles. They are used in most Asian countries but originally they originated from Thailand. They are cheap and affordable in most Asian countries especially in India.

Railway transport

This is an alternative to bus transportation. Railway transportation works just like bus transport. They are used in long journeys from town to town and also from state to state. Different countries have their own railway transportation with railway network running all over the state connecting different cities and towns. It is the best transportation mode for transporting bulk goods and luggage. Railway transportation are divided into two those that transport goods and the other transports people.

Motorcycles and bicycles

These two wheeled vehicles are also among the cheapest means of transportation. Bicycles have been in use since the early 1990s. Today a lot of people are using bicycles to transport both small luggage and human beings from place to place but not for long distances. For example in East Africa, bicycles are used as small taxis that transport people in and around towns. Though a bit more costly than bicycles, motorcycles are yet another cheap mode of transportation. They are cheap to maintain than cars and can go almost everywhere. Better yet, they make for great overland journeys; just remember to take care of motorcycle insurance before you hit the road.

Bullock carts

This is a traditional mode of transportation that is still in use up to date especially in areas where the landscape does not favour infrastructural development. Although they are slowest, bullock carts are the cheapest and the safest means of transportation. In most Asian Countries this is the most used mode of transportation especially by farmers who want to transport cargo from place to place. A cart is attached to a bull or bulls by ropes and then the bull(s) pull the cart as the driver and a passenger sit in frontal area of the cart.

Bus transport

This is one of the cheapest means of transportation in the world. In many countries buses are used to transport people and luggage from city to city and from state to state. With the latest changes in technology there are several kinds of buses with some having TV screens to entertain travellers. They are the best and cheapest means of transportation for long distances. In Spain, bus transportation is the cheapest mode as compared to other modes of transportation.

In summary, the above are some of the cheapest modes of transportation in the world and they are so convenient to ensure that people and goods are moved from one place to another.

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