Things to do when visiting Dubai

Dubai has grown into one of the Middle East’s most appealing destinations. The region continuously attracts numerous tourists, and it has many attractions that will satisfy even the most skeptical visitors. Once you are ready to make the leap over to the Middle East.

Here are a few things to do during your time in Dubai:

1. Visit the cheap and costly eateries

Since the city’s population comprises of extremely rich and extremely poor with virtually no middle class, the restaurants are tailored to these extremes. You may visit Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant in Hilton Dubai Creek, which costs around 150 dollars per person. For low-cost meals, you may visit Al Dhiyafah Road, where the food is more traditional; you may choose between food from India, Iran and Lebanon.

2. Visit the Dubai Aquarium and the Underwater Zoo

This aquarium, which is among the world’s largest aquariums, is located within the Dubai Mall. The aquarium holds more than 33,000 animals, four hundred of which are stingrays and sharks. You may go scuba diving or take a boat ride to get a different perspective.

3. Go skiing

The indoor ski slope, also located within the Dubai Mall, is the world’s third largest. The primary appeal of this ski slope is that just outside it is an expansive desert with blistering heat.

4. Visit the Dubai Museum

Here, you will learn about Dubai, like the life of the city’s residents before oil discovery made it among the world’s richest cities. The museum’s figures are immensely lifelike and detailed.

5. Visit the Gold Souk

The stores in this area offers diamonds, silver, platinum and gold. The government ensures that the products’ quality remains topnotch. After haggling, the gold or other precious metal you purchase within this region will be considerably lower than the price you might pay for the exact thing within another country.

By doing these five activities, you will ensure that your Dubai trip is exciting and memorable.

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