Top Adventure Destinations for Adrenaline Junkies

If you love the rush that comes from high-energy activities or traveling to extreme places, you’ll want to keep these locations in mind when you plan your next vacation. After all, why lounge on a flat beach when you could rock climb, scuba, or enjoy a wild animal encounter? The next time you’re looking to fulfill your adrenaline fix, keep these heart-pumping destinations and activities in mind!

Wave-Action Fun at the Bay of Fundy 

The tides that sweep through Canada’s Bay of Fundy reach up to 15 meters, but don’t let that keep you from rafting the Shubenacadie tidal bore. After enjoying the scenic coastal drive in a jeep, you can satisfy your need for non-stop adventure when you get out on the waters of this dramatic bay.

Icelandic Wilds 

Home to glaciers, volcanoes, and thundering waterfalls, Iceland is a land of breathtaking views and nearly unimaginable terrain. Once you leave the hospitality of the country’s capital Rekjavic behind, you’ll need to packed and prepared to tackle the wilds of the Icelandic outback. Be sure your Icelandic adventure includes sights of the Great Geyser, Lake Myvatn, Seljalandsfoss, and the spectacular waterfalls of Glymur.

Roaring Good Time at Kruger National Park 

During the daylight hours, Kruger National Park is spectacular, but for a real thrill, there’s nothing that can rock your world like awakening in the night to lion’s roars. You can also plan to take a night safari when you visit Kruger National Park and its lion prides. The region’s animals like to lay around in the African bush by day, but at night they are on the prowl with teeth and eyes gleaming!

Cliff Diving La Quebrada 

If you want to shed the world with its apps, fast food eateries, and mind-numbing traffic jams, head to Puerto Rico, Mexico to experience the heart-pumping thrills of cliff diving off the La Quebrada Cliffs. Definitely not an activity for the faint of heart, diving here isn’t for novices, but it certainly can give you that recharge you feel the need to get more out of life.

Himalayan Climbing 

Even if you are not an intrepid mountaineer who longs for the summit of Everest, you’ll find that hiking around the base of some Himalayan Mountains can get your heart racing. Nepal is a fascinating place with other-worldly terrain. For an unforgettable mountain experience, there’s no other setting like it.

North Shore Surfing 

Catching a wave at Oahu, Hawaii’s North Shore is easily the most thrilling way to get from here to there. The surf action at the North Shore attracts surfing enthusiasts from around the world. Wax your board and pack your swimsuit; you might even want to forward your mail because you aren’t ever going to want to return.

For real adrenaline-infused vacations, be sure to keep these exciting destinations in mind. An adventure now and again is all that’s needed to remind you of the pleasures of being alive!

Jeffrey May is currently planning his 2nd round the world trip. A thrill-seeker at heart he is sharing his knowledge with a like-minded audience on a variety of travel blogs.

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    Sad to say I haven’t done any of these adventure sports, although I tend to do more soft adventure related activities like kayaking, biking and sailing. But these look amazing.

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