Top Casinos to visit in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a popular tourist destination for the large number of casinos that are found there. The rise of online casinos has meant more people are flocking on casino holidays each year. Not only do these casinos provide top casino gambling but they also have other activities to draw tourists to stay there. While most of them do come with a hotel and at least one restaurant, many others also have points of interest. These places can be sights to see as well as activities in which travellers can participate.  There are several casinos within the city that can be considered top casinos.

If you’re looking for a fun-filled casino setting, try the Circus Circus Casino. Since it first opened its doors in 1968, this casino has earned quite a stellar reputation for gambling. Over 40 table games are found on the gambling floor. Blackjack games are varied according to the number of card shoes which can be one, two or six. Using a whimsical circus theme, the casino grounds are home to the largest permanently standing big top in the world.

Visitors to Vegas often find the Aria Casino appealing. A hotel is also found here which makes it easy to stay close to the action of the casino. A theatre is also built on the premises which pays homage to the music of the late Elvis Presley. The casino has been well decorated with fountains and other elements of water included in the design. Dark trim adorns the walls which makes the casino look quite sophisticated.

The Luxor is another popular casino in the city of Las Vegas. Capitalizing on an Ancient Egyptian theme, this casino features a replica of the Great Pyramids as well as the famous Sphinx. The casino floor measure around 120,000 square feet with both slot machines and table games. For high rollers, an exclusive poker room can be found.

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