Top Five Cities to Visit in Quebec

Located in the North Eastern part of North America, Quebec is the biggest province in Canada with an area that is three times larger as compared to France. Majority of the residents in Quebec reside around the St, Lawrence River. The culture in this area is a blend of North American and European origins, which have made it, forge an original and unique personality.

Quebec City boardwalk by pixabay user festivio
Quebec City boardwalk by pixabay user festivio

The residents are known to enjoy celebrating and dining, which is evident from the many festivities that take place in Quebec.


This is the only francophone city on North America. It is the largest francophone city in relation to its population. With a population over 3.6 million people, the inhabitants of Montreal are a tapestry of diverse cultures from all over the globe. Undeniably, Montreal is a beautiful city with a rich history and impressive architecture. Several cultural events, festivals and fun activities take place in this city. Tourisme Montreal has excellent up to date information on events happening around the city.

Quebec City

This city offers a fresh facet of Quebec that is worth discovering. This city has got its own independent European cachet. It is the most ancient Francophone city in the north part of America.


This is a tiny city in Quebec, Canada and is a famous tourist attraction. This is because of its breathtaking beauty. Here, visitors are able to enjoy indoor and outdoor events.


Chandler is the second most populous town in Quebec and is also a popular tourist destination. It is actually the second most populated city in Quebec province.


This city is also located in Quebec and is situated near the south banks of the River Malbaie. This city receives a good number of visitors each year. There are plenty of activities to do while in Clermont.

It is worth mentioning that Quebec has several other cities that are worth visiting. A trip to this great province is definitely worthwhile.

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