Why Train Travel is a Great Way to Experience Europe

Are you contemplating a whirlwind tour of Europe? Here are a few reasons why we think train travel might be a great way to see the continent:

Train station in Bulgaria Image by Christo Anestev from Pixabay
Train station in Bulgaria Image by Christo Anestev from Pixabay

1. Amazing Views 

When taking the train in Europe, riders are treated to some amazing views, with scenic routes through-out all of Europe. How else are you going to see the country side than by train? While driving requires you to keep your eyes on the road and flying provides you an overhead view of the clouds, the experience of train travel affords the opportunity to sit back and relax, while taking in many views that you can only find in Europe.

2. People Watching

All kinds of people take the train. You can meet people from all over the world and from all walks of life. No matter where you are going, you will always find some interesting people on the train. Sit back and people watch, or make friends with the person sitting next to you. I once met a woman on the train in Switzerland who spoke three languages and was a doctoral student working on her thesis! Part of the allure of travel is in meeting people who come from vastly different places, yet seem to still share similar experiences.

3. Convenience 

Unlike in the United States, train travel is fast, easy, and convenient in Europe. Trains leave at all times of the day on regular intervals. Tickets are fairly inexpensive, especially if you buy them a few days in advance. Train stations can be found in all the major cities, as well as in many smaller ones. For many people traveling Europe, the preferred method is by train. You can travel the entire continent solely by train!

4. Environmentally Friendly 

For those environmentally conscious travelers, the train is a worthy option. Train travel produces less pollution than other modes of travel. The amount of CO2 produced by trains is 4 times less than traveling by plane per person. For the more common method of driving by car, CO2 emissions are 3 times higher per person than if traveling by train.

5. Freedom 

When traveling by train, passengers are afforded a great amount of freedom while traveling. People are free to walk around, sleep, or partake in any amount of activities such as reading and playing games. The same goes for getting on and off trains. There is no long security line, no waiting to get on after the train arrives, and no waiting to get off the train once it arrives at your destination. There are less restrictions than in any other mode of travel.

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