Zurich: A Slice of City Living in Switzerland

Zurich is one of the most beautiful places on earth that is loaded with numerous fun activities and great sights to see. If you are planning to explore the place, below are 5 places to visit on a trip to Zurich Switzerland.

Museum of art

If you are an art lover, you could easily spend a whole day here or even more. This is an incredible museum that displays various western works that have been worked on since the 1600’s with several pieces of modern art.

Zurich zoo

This zoo is your best choice if you want to view wildlife in the place. Here you will get to experience more than 2, 000 animals from more than 250 species. It is located in a hillside and features an enormous biosphere and numerous tropical rainforests.


This is an awesome point of interest/landmark that features on the 5 places to visit on a trip to Zurich. It is a popular pedestrian street where you will enjoy world class shopping and is also home to some of the best banks.

Great Church

This is a 12th century cathedral that has both architectural and historical importance. It was mostly used in the 1500’s to lead the reformation. The twin towers are probably one of the landmarks tat is most recognized in modern Zurich. It is a great sight to see and you will be glad to know that there is no entrance fee needed.This should alone should motivate anyone who is going to visit Zurich to go and learn.

Opera House

This is a famous performance hall that also makes it on the list of 5 places to visit on a trip to Zurich, Switzerland. The building was completed in the late 19th century and here you can enjoy various musical as well as dramatic events. People who have visited the place rate it as one of the best opera houses in the entire globe.

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