What you should know about Southeast Asia before your Trip

People love traveling, and Southeast Asia is a well-known attraction for tourists and travelers around the world. After all, one can enjoy a unique travel experience that is much different from other travel destinations. Southeast Asia consists of the countries that lie within the Southern Hemisphere. It is made of Mainland Southeast Asia and Maritime Southeast Asia and comprises of countries like Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, and Taiwan. Southeast is a beautiful part of the world that is often underrated. Despite the vastness of the region, one come s actress similar transportation types and costs. The tropical climate in Southeast Asia means plentiful rainfall and humid weather all year round.

Accommodation types and costs

A good thing about holidaying in Southeast Asia is that accommodation can be really cheap.  One can stay in dorm rooms and hostels where the costs can be as cheap as $5-10 per night. The prices are expected to be a little higher in the cities and touristy areas. Pangkor hotels are immensely popular among vacationers as one can enjoy all the modern facilities and amenities at a much lower cost. There is generally no need to book accommodation in advance, but one must take precautions during the peak season.

Dining and eating in Southeast Asia

Food is very cheap in Southeast Asia, and you can get away with paying very little on your food while holidaying here. Try both local dishes as well as Western and continental meals. Street food is the most popular, and one enjoys the variety of fresh food as well as the lower costs. A meal would not cost you more than two dollars on an average.

Buddhist temple ruins in Southeast Asia
Photo by 41330 on Pixabay // CC0

Transportation costs and types

A bus is one of the most popular and convenient cheapest ways to travel around Southeast Asia. You can reach just about any destination everywhere and anywhere by bus. Depending on distances, the costs can vary and won’t cross $10. You can haggle a bit when going by taxis and tuk-tuks. Train service is limited and often overpriced. Airways are also a good option as they are cheaper and faster.

What to do and see in Southeast Asia

There are plenty of activities in Southeast Asia and quite affordable too. For example, one can learn scuba diving at much lower costs when compared to other destinations. One can typically get better prices in groups and enjoy White-water rafting, Jungle trekking, and other various activities.

Bamboo beach in Thailand on a beautiful day
Photo by confusedmind on Pixabay // CC0
  • Southeast Asia is covered with dense jungles filled with diverse wildlife. Laos, Thailand, and Malaysia are known for offering some of the best treks and no matter where you do it, and jungle trekking is a must for any Southeast Asian traveler.
  • Learn to dive if on a trip to Southeast Asia as there are many excellent dive sites around the region. Moreover, one can learn the adventurous activity at a fraction of cost. Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines are some of the best places to learn diving.
  • Enjoy the best beaches of the world here in Southeast Asia on the pure shores of tropical islands. It is hard to keep away from the white sands and pristine reefs, Real on the secluded beaches and amidst the coconut palm coves in Indonesia, Cambodia Vietnam or Thailand. Stay at Puteri Bayu Beach Resort which is like a tropical paradise, thanks to its perfect location right in front of the beach. Enjoy attentive services form a very attentive and friendly staff.
  • Do not miss the Full Moon Party on the island of Ko Phangan in Thailand. This is one of the biggest one-night party in the world and is made up of more than 30,000 people!
  • Make a special trip to Bali, well famous for its parties and surfing. Look forward to sun-soaked days and wild nights and enjoy great food and traditional dancing.
  • You will love the scenic riverside views of Kampot. Explore the pepper farms and the mangroves on the rolling hills that surround the city.
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  1. Thanks for your post, I am planning to visit some countries in South Asia. Which country will you recommend me to visit Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, and Taiwan?

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    Southeast Asia is the best place to have a nature adventure in this world

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  10. South East Asia has always been my go-to for holiday destinations. The amount of diversity between the countries is incredible and travelling between them is equally easy. It’s so lovely!

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