Welcoming ESL Students on the First Day of Class

First of all we know it is not easy to be the person that speaks a different language than the other person you are trying to communicate with. So I feel that when greeting your students the first day of class you should greet them with a great big smile and speak to them in both English and if possible in their native tongue. You may even want to give them some cards that have some very simple words on them that you think could recognize right away or that feel may be very easy to say when learning English on a beginning level to help break the ice.

Heartwarming and inclusive first day of class for ESL students, emphasizing a supportive and encouraging learning environment

As the day goes on you could make sure they are feeling comfortable with what has taken place at this point and that they are feeling comfortable with the others in the class and of course with you yourself. By this time you will know that your charming personality it working.

When it comes to the time for some open class work like showing come flash cards with simple words and objects that you fell the should know. This is the time that you could reward them with something for getting the word and object correct, such as the object that is on the picture for example a pencil if they can pronounce the word and you can understand it even if it is not totally correct reward them with the pencil any way. When you are presenting them the pencil you will let them know that they did a good job and then if it is not totally correct then help them with the pronunciation of the word correctly and tell them how well they did.

When you are caring the other person can feel your sincerity they will feel welcomed.

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