Scotland’s Top Road Trips

There really aren’t many places in the UK that can boast the kind of space, solitude and great driving roads that Scotland can. Some of the most beautiful and breath-taking scenery can be found there too. If you like driving just for the fun of it, Scotland has a great deal to offer you.

Scotland windy road scenic views of landscape by pixabay user Pexels
Scotland windy road scenic views of landscape by pixabay user Pexels

Scotland’s Top Road Trips

The Moffat Loop Route

The Moffat Loop Route is a triangular run-of-fun that can be spotted on the map just below the beautiful city of Edinburgh, so in theory it would be possible to base yourself in Edinburgh and pop out and drive the Loop on one day of your stay.

It’s quite a lengthy route so there will be plenty of time in immerse yourself in the twists and turns, and the pristine countryside around, of this triangular, 95 mile route going from point to point of the triangle. Once you’ve driven the triangle you might decide that one side is the best side for you and you can simply turn the car around and head back along your favourite part. Doing this will help you to learn that part of the route; improving your speed and driving lines all the while.

The Moffat Loop Route takes in some famously fun Scottish roads, namely the A708, A707, A71 and the A701, and this particular route takes around 2 hours and 20 minutes to complete, depending on whether or not you stop for a bite to eat on the way. But it would really be a shame not to stop and enjoy some of the wonderful views – not to mention the clean fresh air – along this route, as there will be some of the very finest scenery anywhere in the UK.

The Southern Uplands of Scotland provide the dramatic backdrop for this exciting drive, and this particular road winds and weaves along the path of some rivers that provide a gargling soundtrack to your drive. The roads pass through Moffat Water in Dumfriesshire, the Little Yarrow, the Yarrow Water and then to the Ettrick Water in Selkirkshire, and it’s the Yarrow Water – an outflow from St Mary’s Loch – that this route follows for several miles.

Why not stop along the route to sample some of this naturally fresh water? Depending on the area, some of the water is used to make the famous brands of expensive Scotch whiskey, and right at the top of the Moffatt Loop – where it hits a heady 1000 feet above sea level – you’re sure to find some of the freshest water of all, to go with the fresh, clean air.

Invergarry to Isle of Skye (A87) Route

Instead of our triangular route around the Moffatt Water area, this route over to the Isle of Skye on the west coast of Scotland is a straight line from beginning to end; albeit a straight line with plenty of twists and turns. While triangular and circular routes can be a lot of fun – and allow you to learn the roads and improve your speed and style – not everyone likes to go round in a circle. The Invergarry to Isle of Skye, on the A87, is one of those straight routes; taking you inland, through some fabulous scenery, then to the coast to the Isle of Skye.

This route is full of twist and turns and certainly looks very exciting, even just looking at it on a map. Invergarry to Isle of Skye, along the A87, is made up entirely of B roads; kicking off in Invergarry and then heading hard west to the sea, where the sights and smells of the water await.

This route runs for 99 miles from beginning to end and will take the average driver around 2 hours and 30 minutes to complete, however, many day-trippers choose to stop on the way and enjoy some tasty food in a picturesque spot. What can be better than some of your favourite food enjoyed in the beautiful countryside?

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